Orthodontic Treatment Finance Options

At Orthoclinic we believe orthodontic treatment is an investment, but we want to ensure it’s an affordable one. How much your treatment costs will be determined by the type of orthodontic treatment you need but this is something we can discuss with you at your initial appointment.

We offer several flexible payment methods which our treatment coordinator can discuss with you at your free consultation.

Finance Calculator

We have a new online calculator, which can help you plan financing for your orthodontic treatment.

Calculate your treatment

Payment in full

You may deduct 5% from the base fee due to the savings in clerical and administration costs which are passed directly onto you. The payment must be made before the first treatment appointment. Credit card payments in full will receive a 5% discount as well.

Monthly instalment payments

We are pleased to offer an interest-free payment option over the course of treatment. This involves an initial appliance fee and a monthly instalment payment during active treatment. At the end of active treatment the rest of the balance, if any, is paid off.

For your convenience we accept Visa, MasterCard, switch, cheques and cash.

If you have any questions about our finance options or would like to discuss them further, please contact us today.