Before & Afters

Our gallery of photos shows the difference the right orthodontic treatment can make. As you’ll be able to see from these pictures, we have treated patients with a variety of orthodontic problems. If your teeth look like these in the ‘before’ photos, why not contact us today to find out what we can do for you to make your teeth look like those in the ‘after’ photos.

This patient suffered from a crowded upper and lower arch

This patient had a deep bite and crowding. They were treated with upper and lower fixed brackets.

This patient had an anterior (front) open bite with bilateral (both sides) cross bites. They were treated using expansions of the upper arch.

This patient was a thumb sucker with lateral (side) open bite in the mixed dentition. Their treatment involved extraction and upper and lower fixed arch treatment.

This patient had crowded upper and lower arches. They were treated with fixed braces and extractions.

This patient had a class 2 div 2 case with mesialisation of the buccal segment. Their treatment involved extraction of the upper arch and upper and lower fixed appliances.

This patient had upper and lower crowding. They were treated with upper and lower arch fixed appliances.