Three Good Habits for the Invisalign Programme

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Invisalign is a really popular teeth realignment programme, and there are very good reasons why! It’s discreet, it’s non-invasive and it’s flexible; which means it will fit in beautifully with your life.

If you want to get the best from the Invisalign programme, there are several good habits we suggest you build into your routine. Remember: the better you take care of your Invisalign aligners and the more often you wear them, the quicker you’ll see fantastic results.

Always carry your case

With Invisalign, you’ll need to remove your aligner before eating and drinking. Though we know it might seem tempting to pop out the aligner and leave it waiting nearby, we recommend you always put it safely in a carry case. Your aligner is much less likely to get damaged or misplaced in a case, which means you can carry on with your treatment without delays.  

Add an extra brush to your toothbrushing routine

You will also need to remove your aligner whenever you brush your teeth. The second habit you’ll want to add is to make sure you brush your aligner after you finish brushing your teeth. You don’t need anything special to brush it with; a wet brush and a spot of your usual toothpaste will do the job brilliantly. 

Put your aligner straight back in after meals

For your Invisalign aligner to do its job, you need to be wearing it! Make sure you build the habit of always putting your aligner straight back in after meals. Some people like to give their teeth a brush and their aligner a rinse before they do this, but it’s fine to just pop it straight back in if you’re on the go. 

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