Video Consulting Policy

We at Orthoclinic  are working proactively and collaboratively to understand new types of health care services to provide the best for our existing and new patients. We think it is important to be innovative and to be  able to offer technology-enabled services, which are developing quickly.

We use a safe digital triage tool service to help our patients.  This will  help people get to the right place at the right time and receive the best possible treatment or reassurance. 

Clinical triage is an important part of how we deliver  care. It can help to identify and prioritise the emergency patients, direct people to the most appropriate service and can save anxiety, time and money by avoiding unnecessary trips to Orthodontist. Digital triage helps to facilitate this.

We take great care to avoid risks.

How it works:-

Patient facing tools – using a video link  patient are asked  questions about their symptoms/interest for  a type of appliance and  then directed to  the appropriate service based on their answers.

Secure digital platforms – all staff who are involved in this are using safe/reliable and secure digital platforms

Clinical decision support tools – clinicians in making decisions about patients are Orthodontic specialists will direct the patient to the  clinic  for consultation if required /refer them to the other health care providers as necessary. 

If you need further information please speak to the Practice Manager.

Produced by :Dilhani Silva – 26th March 2020

Review – March 2021